27 - 28 September 2017 | London, UK

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The State of Play & Future Trends

Over the next ten years more than 800 new military airlifters are scheduled to be delivered. The result will be a market growth estimated at $65 Billion. As conflict theatres persist and emerge, the stronger a nation’s airlift capacity, the greater their ability to acheve their military objectives and expand/maintain their global influence.

Ahead of the Military Airlift conference (26-28 September 2017; London, England), Defence IQ surveyed professionals in this community to get their perspective on progress within the airlift domain. We asked about operational challenges, future investments in technology, among other topics and uncovered both synergies and divergences between the views of airlift operators and industry providers…

Brazilian Air Force - Managing a smooth transition and successful daily operations

Last year, DefenceIQ interviewed the project manager for the KC-390, Colonel Cláudio Evangelista Cardoso, after they procured 28 aircrafts for the Brazilian Air Force. We decided to check in with the Brazilian Air Force and see how the new aircraft are improving the success of their missions. Air Vice-Marshal Saulo Valadares do Amaral is giving us an exclusive insight into the day-to-day missions, challenges and future of Brazilian Air Force missions, ahead of the 14th edition of the Military airlift conference (26th-28th September 2017).


Air-To-Air Refueling At Any Altitude, At Any Speed

Ahead of the Military Airlift conference, Defence IQ sat down with Colonel Cláudio Evangelista Cardoso, Project Manager for KC-X and KC-390 programmes in the Brazilian Air Force, to get exclusive insight into one of the most the interesting, new airframe programmes. 

Military Airlift News Digest

A round up of all the latest news in Military Airlift.


  • Fourth C-130 touches down in Kabul, expands Afghan Air Force capabilities
  • France budgets for C-130 transport plane as A400M delays continue
  • Pentagon acquisitions office has millions in unused C-130 parts 
  • 179th Airlift Wing watching D.C.
  • Airbus set to resume deliveries of A400M after Spanish crash 
  • Col. Karl A. Schmitkons takes command of the 440th Airlift Wing
  • Airbus eyes US military for A400M cargo plane Military Airlift 2015

France rejects reports it will buy the C-130J transport Aircraft

France has denied it is looking at other airlift options after frustration over programme delays and capability concerns with the A400M. Download to read the rest of this article. 

Will Availability of Strategic Lift Always Be A Challenge?

Ahead of the Military Airlift conference, Defence IQ sat down with Group Captain Purcell to discuss NATO’s priorities and perspective on strategic airlift and to understand more about the challenges and objectives for the future.

Coverage from Military Airlift 2014

Read the post show article from Military Airlift 2014.  Find out what was said, what was learnt and how this compares to what is thought now. 

Airbus airlifters on promising flight path

April 2014
As Airbus Defence and Space (ADS) hands over the first of ten A400M new generation airlifters to the Turkish Air Force, Defence IQ looks back on what has been a landmark year for the company, given not only the launch of its new major product but its very emergence from the formation of EADS divisions Airbus Military, Astrium and Cassidian. The newly branded Airbus Group, as a whole, recorded record sales in 2013, leading to promising production figures for the next few years. Aside to the Turkish delivery, the company has so far delivered two A400Ms to the French Air Force. By the end of this year, it will have delivered 14 of the aircraft, including the early options for the UK and Germany, and current plans would see the 174 orders completed by around 2022...

Military Airlift 2015 - Programmes and Requirements Analysis

Military Airlift 2015  - Programmes and Requirements Analysis

The Market for Military Airlifters
Over the next 10 years, more than 800 new military airlifters are forecast to be delivered, valued at $65 Billion. The principal manufacturers will be Airbus Military (A400M) and Lockheed Martin (C-130/C-5M), but Embraer will be a significant newcomer to the market (KC-390). Over 4,300 Military Airlifters are in-service worldwide, with the C-130 Hercules, the most prolific type at more than 1,000 aircraft in 66 countries. There are also 758 Military Tankers in service in 32 countries.

Site Visit: 100th Air Refueling Wing - RAF Mildenhall

The 100th Air Refueling Wing (ARW) is a large, diverse organisation which conducts air refueling and combat support operations throughout the European and African areas of responsibility. Located at RAF Mildenhall in the United Kingdom, the wing directs reception and mobilises for contingency operations.

Military Airlift Interactive Requirements Map

This map reveals the latest known military airlift requirements globally and details all current holdings.

Global Procurement Map - Interactive and comprehensive

Find out all the latest military airlift news and procurement plans in this interactive map.

Simply hover your mouse over the country you wish to find out more about in the world.

Military Airlift 2016: Requirements and Holdings Report

Over the next 10 years, more than 800 new military airlifters are forecast to be delivered, valued at $65 billion. The principal manufacturers will be Airbus Military (A400M) and Lockheed Martin (C-130/C-5M), but Embraer will be a significant newcomer to the market (KC-390). Over 4,169 Military Airlifters are in-service worldwide, with the C-130 Hercules, the most prolific type at more than 1,000 aircraft in 68 countries. There are also 749 Military Tankers in service in 30 countries. 
This report lists all known and current military airlift inventory holdings for each country along with ongoing procurement programmes and requirements. The report distnguisehes between tactical and strategic airlifters, as well as identifying strategic tankers and transport. The data is broken down by region covering global holdings and requirements.


Interview: Captain Andrew Betson, U.S. Military Academy

What’s the focus of the Defense and Strategic Studies Program at the United States Military Academy? What is your role? The Defense and Strategic Studies Program is an academic major in the Department of Military Instruction at the United States Military Academy, West Point.  It is a multi-disciplinary major where our cadets are challenged to apply history, policy, and theory; frame complex strategic problems; and generate viable and innovative solutions to contemporary military problems. I am an academic instructor and course director for "DS385: Sustaining the Force."  In DS385 we look at a country's ability to Generate, Transport, Sustain, and Reallocate/Redeploy its fighting forces as a factor of military, and thus national, power. This includes historical and contemporary studies of military logistics at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war. This position is one of many that Army officers can apply for after their company command.

Interview: Major General William Bender, U.S. Air Force

Defence IQ caught up with Major General William Bender, the Commander of the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Centre. Here’s the transcript of what he had to say about the airlift domain. Sir, what do you believe are the most significant developments in the airlift domain or what do you think needs to be highlighted for the airlift community at this time both from a US and a worldwide perspective… I think that one of the things that the U.S. Air Force is grappling with, and I think our coalition partners, if you will, within the mobility air forces, is how to strike the balance in terms of our force structure. Everybody’s living with constrained military budgets so whether you’re talking proper equipping or force structure in terms of the crew complement per se. So in the U.S. Air Force we’re dealing extensively with what is the right balance between our air force active duty, our reserve and our national guardsmen and trying to find the right formula, if


NATO SHAPE's role in strategic military airlift operations

Defence IQ talks to Colonel Jennifer Thompson, Chief, Allied Movement Coordination Centre (AMCC), NATO SHAPE on current capabilities and operations conducted by NATO SHAPE and what other Armed Forces from across the world can learn from the agency. Colonel Thompson will be speaking on day two of the event.

EATC's vision of multinational military airlift operations in Europe

Defence IQ talks to Brigadier General Alain Rouceau, Chief of Staff/Deputy Commander, European Air Transport Command about the EATC's role in military airlift operations and the challenges that have to be overcome in any multinational organisational structure. Brigadier General Rouceau will be speaking on day one of the conference