Interview: Major General William Bender, U.S. Air Force

Defence IQ caught up with Major General William Bender, the Commander of the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Centre. Here’s the transcript of what he had to say about the airlift domain. Sir, what do you believe are the most significant developments in the airlift domain or what do you think needs to be highlighted for the airlift community at this time both from a US and a worldwide perspective… I think that one of the things that the U.S. Air Force is grappling with, and I think our coalition partners, if you will, within the mobility air forces, is how to strike the balance in terms of our force structure. Everybody’s living with constrained military budgets so whether you’re talking proper equipping or force structure in terms of the crew complement per se. So in the U.S. Air Force we’re dealing extensively with what is the right balance between our air force active duty, our reserve and our national guardsmen and trying to find the right formula.

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